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  Going on 30 - Film Online Subtitrat

Data Adaugarii: 14 Martie 2010 | Vizionari: 1946 | Gen: Comedie

Going on 30
13 Going on 30Titlu Original: Azi 13, maine 30 de ani
Anu: 2004
Duratia: 97 min.
Descriere: Pentru majoritatea oamenilor, varsta de 13 ani parca ar fi fost ieri - pentru Jenna Rink chiar a fost.

  Van Wilder: Freshman Year (2009) - Film Online Subtitrat

Data Adaugarii: 14 Martie 2010 | Vizionari: 4245 | Gen: Comedie

Van Wilder: Freshman Year (2009)
Van Wilder - Freshman Year este al treilea film din seria Van Wilder. Fiind student în primul an la Coolidge, Van Wilder e pregătit de dezmăţ şi de petreceri. Chiar dacă este o tradiţe a familiei să termine această facultate, van Wilder este mai încântat de fetele pe care le întâlneşte acolo şi de posibilitatea de a se distra.

  Two For The Money - Viata ca un pariu - Film Online Subtitrat

Data Adaugarii: 14 Martie 2010 | Vizionari: 2215 | Gen: Comedie

Two For The Money - Viata ca un pariu
Two For The MoneyTitlu Original: Viata ca un pariu
Anu: 2005
Duratia: 122 min.
Rating: Interzis Minorilor sub 16 ani.
Descriere: Punctul de pornire al filmului il reprezinta clasica poveste a sportivului, care din anumite motive este obligat sa renunte la performanta. Brandon, personajul cu pricina, isi incearca norocul in lumea obscura a pariurilor, bazandu-se pe cunostintele sale in domeniu. Dupa un debut furtunos, ajunge repede celebru si intra pe mana lui Walter Abrams, un caracter deosebit, pentru care banii reprezinta totul. In scurt timp, Brandon devine preferatul acestuia si ii aduce o multime de bani. Insa exista un punct in care afacerea cade si cei doi ajung la marginea prapastiei. Daca cei doi vor trece peste toate acestea, urmeaza sa vedeti urmarind filmul.

  From Paris With Love (2010) - Film Online Subtitrat

Data Adaugarii: 14 Martie 2010 | Vizionari: 2504 | Gen: Comedie

From Paris With Love (2010)
Post Thumbnail of From Paris With Love (2010)
Un tanar ofiter operativ (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) angajat al Ambasadei Americane din Paris, trebuie sa faca echipa cu un agent imprevizibil (John Travolta), trimis in Paris pentru a captura un terorist. Lucrurile se complica pentru incepatorul si ne-experimentatul ofiter in momentul in care caracterul exploziv si ireverentios al partenerului …

  Young People Fucking - Film Online Subtitrat

Data Adaugarii: 27 Ianuarie 2010 | Vizionari: 13870 | Gen: Comedie

Young People Fucking
Young People FuckingTitlu Original: Young People Fucking
Categoria: Comedie
Anu: 2008
Duratia: 1 hr. 30 min.
Descriere: The Couple, Abby and Andrew, try to spice up their stale love life, only to discover that things are worse than they thought. Matt and Kris are The Friends, lifelong buddies, one lovesick and the other sick of love. Their plan to sleep together goes off the rails when romance rears its ugly head. The Exes, Mia and Eric, hook up again for old time's sake, while trying to hide the feelings they still have for one another. On The First Date, world-class playboy Ken comes clean about his history to his naive young date Jamie, learning some of her secrets in the process. The Roommates, Dave and Gord are normally at each other's throats, but set aside their differences for a threesome with Gord's girlfriend Inez. In each case, the couples (and trio) discover that sex isn't always simple.


  Accepted - Film Online Subtitrat

Data Adaugarii: 27 Ianuarie 2010 | Vizionari: 2090 | Gen: Comedie

AcceptedTitlu Original: Accepted
Categoria: Comedie
Anu: 2006
Duratia: 1 hr. 32 min.
Descriere: High school senior Bartleby "B" Gaines is on his way to scoring eight out of eight rejection letters from colleges, which isn't going to go over big with Mom and Dad. At least he's not alone in the exclusion. Several of his crew of outcast friends are in the same, college-less boat. So how does a guy facing a bleak career please his parents and get noticed by dream girl Monica? Simple. Open his own university. B and his band of misfit freshmen take "liberal" arts literally when they fool their parents and peers and create the esteemed South Harmon Institute of Technology. Just as they are settling in, B and company realize they've done their jobs too well. Dozens of other college rejects show up for classes at this less-than-lofty institute. Under the scornful eyes of the privileged students from the neighboring college, B and his friends forge ahead with maintaining a fake, functioning university. With his future in the balance, it's going to take more than just sleight of hand to keep B out of jail as he strives to get the girl, impress his parents and just become "Accepted."

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